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PORTFOLILO Illinois Virtual Tours offers spectacular digital panoramic virtual tour services designed to give your marketing program the
EMAIL US cutting edge demanded by today's techno-savvy customers. 360 virtual tours will draw potential clients to your products through
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FAQ's Take advantage of the power of stunning, high-definition 360° Virtual Tours that will help you sell your home or market your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Tour?
What is a spin?
How does this technology work?
What is the price of an individual tour?
Are you running any special offers at this time?
Is there a space for my company logo?
Is there a space for my email, phone or contact info?
Do I need special virtual tour software or plug-ins for tours?
When a person clicks on a virtual tour icon, how long does it take to download?
What is a Download Tour?
Will ILVT post my real estate virtual tour on my website?
Why are Illinois Virtual Tours better than the competition?
What are the newest features added to our virtual tours?


Illinois Virtual Tours

Illinois Virtual Tours provides high quality panoramic tours for use in various sales, marketing and retail applications. Our Virtual Tours are by far the most interactive available on the web today. With custom directional HotSpots, the end user actually feels where they are moving within the tour. Our tours can be seen by anyone with an Internet connection. Adding the unique Tour-To-Go Option allows the tour to be viewed without active connection to the Internet.

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Newest Features Of Our Virtual Tours

A new map button links to Yahoo maps to show location of property. "Favorites" saves your tour to your Favorites Folder in your browser for quick access later. Email Option emails the tour to anyone. "Enlarge" will enlarge the virtual tour to Full Screen or almost Full Screen depending on the resolution. Premium Audio (if purchased) has a studio recorded voice over and background music. Flyer (available on residential tours currently - $15.00 per tour) produces an information flyer on the property and the tour.

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An Illinois Virtual Tour  spin can be a unique location, area, panorama, or a room within a tour. Virtual tours are priced by the spin and a minimum number of spins per tour is required. A real estate tour, for example requires a minimum of four spins.

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How This Technology Works

A very small java applet is downloaded to your computer. It allows you to smoothly scroll through panoramas in every direction of view. When a virtual tour is viewed from a website it allows the visitor to view the tour in a pop-up without ever leaving the page or site.

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A typical Real Estate Virtual Tour costs around $100.00.

Since every tour is different the cost will vary depending on the amount of work to be completed.

If you would like a better idea of what a tour would cost, please call or email us for an estimate.


Click Here For PAAR Members Order Form.

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Place For Your Logo or Contact Information

Each ILVT virtual tour includes space for your company logo at the top, and the agent or contact person info on the bottom right with text links to email and your website.

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No Additional Virtual Tour Software Needed

The tour-to-go option is now enabled at NO EXTRA CHARGE on all our tours. This means that you, as the agent or any of your clients, can download your virtual tour instantly to the desktop or disk. No additional virtual tour software is ever needed with our tours. They can be published easily to your website or to the MLS.

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Download Times For Our Virtual Tours

ILVT virtual tours are designed to load quickly, but several factors can contribute to wait times. The download speed is dependant on the user's Internet connection speed, the faster the connection, the faster the download. The amount of reliable RAM makes a difference when viewing the tour after download. Most users can expect to see the opening image within 10-20 seconds from the time they click on the virtual tour icon.

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"Download Tours"

The Download Tour option allows you to download an executable file that will run the virtual tour. This executable file can be saved to a floppy dick or CD-ROM. It can be run without an Internet connection or a web browser. The Download Tour Option is especially useful for showing the downloaded virtual tour to clients in the field without Internet connection! Imagine the possibilities...you could run the downloaded tour for one customer even as you serve another!

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Posting Virtual Tours To Web Sites

Most websites require user authentication to log in and make changes. This makes it impossible for Illinois Virtual Tours to become every agent's webmaster. ILVT will provide you with a piece of HTML code unique to your virtual tour. Your virtual tour builder will email you this HTML code along with specific linking instructions. You will forward this code to your webmaster or site developer for posting to your website.

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Reasons To Choose

Illinois Virtual Tours will save you time and money. They eliminate repetitious presentations and are competitively priced. Virtual Tours are easy to produce after only a few hours of training. Even non-technical people can produce highly interactive tours in less than an hour! Virtual Tours are published online quickly, which is a significant advantage over other companies. Thanks to our turnkey software and hardware packages, your tour can be online  the same day the photos are taken. There is no special virtual tour software or plug-in needed to view your tour online. You may also save the tour to a floppy disk to show to someone who can't get online! Illinois Virtual Tours has proprietary virtual tour software, a HotSpot editor, Java viewer and email tours. To view a screenshot of our virtual tours with detailed analysis please click here.

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